You're On Holy Ground

Sad eyes, sad eyes, looking for the Promised Land. Hope fading. Light growing dim. How long can the desert last? Your heart thirsts, for years you searched, and still no Promised Land. Become aware.

You're on holy ground. You're on holy ground. Dry your eyes. Look around. Look around. You're on holy ground. You're on holy ground. Stop your searching. Look around. Look around.

Not a desert, flowers do bloom here. Sparkling waters to refresh your soul. No more searching you're on holy ground. Sad eyes, sad eyes, you're living in the Promised Land. Hope present. Light breaking through. All things will come to pass. Your heart sings. You've found your home here in the Promised Land. Now believe.

You're on holy ground. Content to be where you're meant to be. Here and now is all there is. No more searching, you're on holy ground.

Life is God's gift. Live it with joy. Set your spirit free on wings of love how sweet indeed is the Promise Land. You're on holy ground.


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