Self Realized Butterfly

Butterfly! Don't cry! Don't cry! The world is sleeping in its pain, unaware of life. Afraid of change, can't let go, grounded in despair. What can help us free our spirits wanting to become?

Self realized butterfly! Self realized butterfly! Consciously aware, celebrating life, totally! To be the butterflies that we were meant to be, free forever in perfect harmony. Butterflies! Butterflies! Butterfly!

Symbol of our hope. Stay the way you are. Stay the way you are. Constant in your love. You have shown us transformation from the darkness into light. Love allowed you to become the full expression of life. Oh butterfly! Stay the way you are. Oh stay the way you are.

Love Allows Music and Lyrics

  1. Dare To Fly
  2. Love Allows
  3. Each Has A Journey
  4. Self Realized Butterfly
  5. Bearers of Light
  6. The First Will Be Last
  7. Go Within
  8. You're On Holy Ground
  9. Come And Realize
  10. Death Has No Power
  11. Don't Walk By
  12. Love Allows Instrumental
  13. Let Us Remember

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