Love Is The Only Thing

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The circle is complete. The road less traveled taken. All has been said and done, my time has come. I will love you wherever I go. Im always with you, this I know. Trust me, let go. The lessons have been painful but our love is stronger. Doors that were closed now are opened, all because of the road less traveled. Now I see with new eyes.

Looking back I see faces I love. Faces that remind me when I was young. The only thing that has changed is time. The love I felt then will never die. This is the understanding of my heart, love is the only thing worth living for. Love is the only thing worth living for.

Weve gone our separate ways. It does not mean I loved you less. Please understand I did my best, my time has come. Our lives were blessed with family and friends. People who loved us, this I know. Turn to them, find comfort.


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